About Kaerutomo

Kaerutomo is a set of custom servers compatible with the discontinued mobile game, Miitomo, bringing back ever more of the app's original features so that players, new and old, can enjoy them in 2020, even though the official backend was shut down.

The service works with iOS and Android devices and can be setup without too much difficulty by following our step-by-step guides.

Whilst donations are gratefully received, access to the main service is free of charge - join over 11,000 users following the tutorial for your platform linked below:

To connect with other Kaerutomo users or request help and support, why not join our friendly Discord community? Visit https://discord.kaeru.world to start; it only takes a minute or two.

If you'd like to help us test the very latest features and changes, you can join our Kaerutomo Beta program by becoming a Kaeru supporter on Patreon. This helps us limit numbers for our bleeding-edge code to ensure it can be thoroughly tested before pushing it to the masses, as well as making sure that we can continue to pay for the servers required.