Kaeru Cookie Policy

Last updated on 23 November 2020

Unlike most websites, we don’t use cookies to track you. Instead, to monitor how many people are using our websites and services, we self-host open-source analytics software, Plausible, which doesn’t need to store cookies or other data on your device, nor do they invade your privacy or follow you around the web.

In a few areas where we haven’t yet fully completed our migration to Plausible, we may also use GoatCounter for analytics. This is hosted by a third-party provider, but it doesn’t use cookies and offers the same privacy guarantees. We’re working on removing this as we update parts of our services.

The only cookies we set ourselves are essential cookies, such as those used to maintain your session as you browse our websites, and to provide ‘Remember Me’ functionality if you request it when logging in.

Additionally, for some of our services, we use content delivery network (CDN) services provided by Cloudflare to speed up delivery and provide protection against cyber-attacks. Their servers do set an essential _cfduid cookie which helps them detect malicious visitors to our website and avoid blocking legitimate users.

The _cfduid cookie anonymises your IP address using a one-way hash of certain values so that you cannot be personally identified, and does not allow for cross-site tracking, nor is it linked with your account on any of our services. Additionally, this cookie is stored as a temporary ‘session cookie’ that expires after at most 30 days.

Finally, if our backend servers go down for any reason, Cloudflare may serve copies of our pages that they have stored in their cache as part of the ‘Always Online’ service that they provide to us. If this happens, Cloudflare may store two temporary cookies, cf_ob_info and cf_use_ob, on your device when you visit our website during these periods, but these cookies only contain technical information relating to their connection to our backend servers, rather than anything remotely linked to you. 

For more information on how we use and protect your personal data, please see our main Privacy Policy, or contact us via email: [email protected]